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Now is your best time to cut carbon exhaust emissions by 30-40%.

With over a decade of laboratory insight, micfil ultra fine filters (0.5 µ) have proven to be one of the best solutions to significantly reduce your CO2 footprint.

Reduce maintenance costs by up to 90%, increase engine life by 3x, significantly reduce downtime and save fuel. Mining companies around the world rely on our ultra fine filters to protect their investments. Made and invented in Germany, with micfil ultra fine filtration you remove ~98% of all bacteria from oils and fuels in a single pass and cut 30-40% of carbon exhaust emissions.

If you want to stay in charge and be ready for new emission laws, then you have a proven, highly effective tool to do so now. Talk to us!

it's time to go green


Ultra fine filters from micfil have a far better filter performance and dirt holding capacity than conventional standard oil or diesel filters. They filter the smallest particles (0.5 µm) and absorb water from oil, diesel and biodiesel.

A breakthrough in filter medium design is transforming mines around the world

Since 2008 news about MicFil ultra fine filters have been spreading to over 42 countries

Around the world, thousands of engines have been transformed by MicFil ultra fine filters.

We now supply ultra fine filters to some of the most prominent companies, military, government, gold mining, coal mining, power plants, milk factories, banks, transportation companies, refineries or individuals who just want it for their car.

They have discovered a proven solution to make a large impact.

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all photos of actual trucks with MicFil filters

ETF makes the largest mining trucks in the world, with 180-774 metric tonnes payload.

"...we have decided to standard install micfil filters on all of our trucks for the filtration of fuel, engine oil, gearbox oil and hydraulics oil."
- Eddy de Jongh, CEO, ETF Mining Trucks

Insights from some of our clients

MicFil clients are making a large impact

"Micfil has revolutionary filtration products on top of being green and healthy for the environment. I have personally seen the impact of using those filters in industrial environment where the operations are extremely demanding. Hats off on the results and the durability of the systems."
- Fatima Laoubi
"We did several projects with Micfil filtration system at steam turbines with excellent results. Best quality and very competitive price."
- Zeljko Bandur
"Definitely the best filtration system for both oil and fuel. Preserve the environment and save a lot of cost for maintenance. Also the staff is very professionnal. I never heard bad comments from final users."
- Robert Sidi
"Since I have been using Micfil filters for my lubricant, the oil analyses show that I can do much longer with my lubricant, so we have been able to extend the useful life considerably. I now have no unnecessary oil changes and save a lot of time, money and above all environmental impact. The investment has paid for itself in less than a year."
- Leo Verburg, MS Aqua Msra
"...with the micfil filter the amount of water in the oil is some hundred times less than with the previous oil filter..."
- Filip, PT.FTS Indonesia
"...we then installed the micfil ultra fine filters. Since that time we have no problems with the diesel any more..."
- Robert Stuut, M/S Miryana
"...after one year of use we are extremeley pleased with the results of the micfil systems..."
- Laurent Bodein, Croisieurope

Reduce Exposure to Cancer-causing Particles with Ultra Fine Filtration

As diesel fuel quality is getting worse worldwide, and burned and unburned particles go through the exhaust, they increase emissions and give health problems to miners.

This may also be of consequence in gold mines with ventilation, as it has been found that nearly 80% of the dust particles in mine air are smaller than 1 µm. These particles may thus penetrate deeply into the alveolar region of a miner's lung. Admittedly they may deposit in the respiratory tract by impingement or aggregate due to electrostatic charges and cohesion forces to form larger aggregates which will then settle at a finite terminal velocity.

With MicFil ultra fine filters you reduce the carbon exhaust particles by 30-40%. It means you can reduce worker's risks of terminal lung cancer.

Up to 90% maintenance cost savings potential

Some of the largest mines in the world have realized enormous savings with our ultra fine filters. They have significantly decreased machine downtime and increased overall efficiency in a very short period of time. They have also transformed their mine into a healther work environment.

Realize up to 90% maintenance cost savings potential

it's time to go green

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it's time to go green